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 Below you will find a description of some extra credit assignments.

Social Studies Class

Each student may submit up to five projects worth one extra credit point each toward his/her nine weeks grade.   A total of five points may be added to the nine weeks grade.

 Available Projects:   A student may complete any Interdisciplinary Activity found on the following pages 19, 33, and 42(This must be at least one page in length.).

  • The projects must demonstrate careful planning and research.

  • The projects need to be typed or neatly written.  Any art work should be carefully drawn and colored. 

  • Work of poor quality will not receive extra credit.

Additional projects will be added to this site.  Please check back regularly. 

Suggested sources:

  • Tuesday's "Science Times" section of the New York Times

  • Daily newspapers (Daily News, Courier Journal, etc.)

  • Weekly magazines (Newsweek, Time, etc.)

  • Online resources:

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