My name is Lisa Basil, and I have lived in Edmonson County for most of my life.  I married Tim Basil,  and we have one daughter, Jhonna Leanne.  I have been teaching school in Edmonson County since 1989.  I spent most of my career teaching 6th and 7th grade language arts at Edmonson County Middle School. 

     When my daughter started kindergarten, a Title I teaching position opened here at South, and I followed her here.  My job is to make sure that the students love math.  Orchard Math and Fibbonacci Bear help me to accomplish this goal.  Weekly, students visit the Math Lab, and we work very hard on math skills.  Orchard Math reinforces what students learn in their classroom, and this math program allows students to apply mathematical thinking in meaningful situations.  WE LOVE MATH!


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